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The International Development Research Center (Canada)

  • IDRC funds research activities that are designed to directly benefit developing countries and their citizens.
  • Provides opportunities for the next generation of researchers from Canada and the developing world to pursue international development research.

J.E. Fogarty International Center (USA)

  • Collaborative research and capacity building projects relevant to low- and middle- income nations.
  • Institutional training grants designed to enhance research capacity in the developing world, with an emphasis on institutional partnerships and networking.

International Foundation for Science (IFS) Sweden
To build the scientific capacity of developing countries
British Council (UK)

INSPIRE: International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education

INSPIRE defines a strategic partnership as one that aims to develop an institution-to-institution link based on a number of different areas of activity. These could be a mix of the following activities: research co-operation, teacher exchange, curriculum development, student exchange or collaborative programme development. Over the course of the partnership, institutions should aim to involve different levels and departments within the university to create a multi-dimensional, international relationship.

SISTER: Support For International Science, Technology and Engineering Research

Are you a post-doctoral researcher looking for funding for international collaboration or training? Perhaps you are looking for a travel grant to attend a meeting or course abroad; or you could be an international researcher wanting to come to the UK to perform your research. Whatever your position, this website can help you identify possible sources of funding to allow you to engage in research on an international level.
U.S Agency for International Development (USA)
To build the scientific capacity of developing countries Promoting education and sustainability
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
For the TCP project to be efficient in resource utilization and effective in attaining its objectives, multiple schemes are being utilized to implement the TCP project. The inputs could be the mix of all three or any components such as;

  • Dispatching experts from Japan
  • Provision of necessary equipments
  • Training for personnel from the counterpart organization/Ministry

Rockefeller foundation (USA)
A nonprofit loan fund has lent more than $150 million to small and growing businesses in developing countries over the past 10 years. A fund that lends to low-income housing developers has helped preserve more than 2,700 units of affordable New York City housing since 2006. A new private equity fund will invest millions of dollars in businesses that serve low-income populations in Africa and Asia. With the help of program related investments (PRIs) from the Rockefeller Foundation, these and other organizations are able not only to have a social impact but to provide financial returns to their investors as well.

  • Capacity Development
  • Environment and Energy
  • Women Empowerment

United Nations Foundation

  • Conservation of Life
  • Reduction of Carbon emission
  • Sustainable development
  • Climate and energy
  • Women Health

Promoting mutual understanding between the people of Pakistan and US through education and cultural exchange
DAAD (Germany)
Co-operation with Universities in developing countries In developing countries, the DAAD supports the founding of universities and the training of executive personnel. We offer versatile funding programmes for partner universities.
NDF (Nordic Development Funds) Finland
Eligible areas for NDF grant financing include climate change mitigation and adaptation activities. NDF grants are provided mainly for technical assistance, i.e. consulting services, and for investments, i.e. goods, works, services, and for other applicable expenses in connection with technical assistance. NDF only finances projects in low-income countries. As NDF is a co-financing institution NDF grants normally constitute a part of the whole project or programme financing. The NDF-financed component of the co-financed project or programme should be in line with NDF.s mandate and eligibility criteria.
European Union
The Commission makes direct financial contributions in the form of grants in support of projects in various areas.
Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP).
Whether you are a potential applicant, existing award holder, alumnus, or simply have an interest in international mobility, education, development or the Commonwealth.
TWAS (Italy)
TWAS represents the best of science in developing countries. Its main mission is to promote scientific excellence and capacity in the South for science-based sustainable development.
Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSDW).
Reflecting the need to transfer scientific results sand technological development to the grassroots communities where they are needed most, social scientists will be eligible for full membership of OWSDW (previously they were only allowed to be non-voting associate members). In addition, women scientists from the developed world who have a track record of working for the developing world will now be allowed to join OWSDW as associate members